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Educational Center Capital Campaign
We have a Dream, too.  It’s the Historic Scull Shoals Educational Center 

Land Bought—sign goes up!

Building facilities at the flood-prone historic mill village is impractical.  The Friends of Scull Shoals purchased land nearby on which to build the Historic Scull Shoals Educational Center to benefit the visiting public and the area schools.  It will contain a Visitor Center, Interpretive Exhibits, Educational and Administrative Facilities, Interpretive Trails (some Handicapped Accessible - ADA), Car and Bus Parking, and Picnicking Facilities, and Programs on the History and Environment of the Scull Shoals area.   It is anticipated that once completed, the facilities will also be available for rent for weddings, family and social gatherings.

There will be much more information coming on this website and in the media on developing this Educational Center (currently a wooded hilltop and slope!) as plans progress.  A major capital campaign is envisioned to provide for the facilities to educate and expand the horizons of the traveling visitors and the area school students.  Watch This Space!

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