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Historical Interpretation
Friends of Scull Shoals, Inc was established in 1992 to provide protection, investigation, and interpretation of the old mill village and surrounding area.  The History and Archaeology links take you to the progress on those fronts. 

Interpretation involves telling people what it was like to live in the village in the 19th Century.  The Friends have hosted a series of interpretive program and festivals, as well as slide talks to civic, social, religious, family, and school groups over the years.  Some of the most fun events have been the annual and semi-annual Scull Shoals Heritage Festivals, which featured crafters demonstrating how thing were made or done, and answering visitors’ questions.

Heritage Festivals have included Blacksmthing, Spinning, Weaving, Paper Making, Pottery Decoration, Timber Framing, Wood Carving, Old Time Medicines, Open Fire Cooking, and Candle Making, Fiddling, Guitar and Banjo Picking, Basket Weaving, Butter Churning, Story Telling, and many more demonstrations.  Sometimes these demonstrators are in period costume.

Allen talks medicine bottles with a visitor

Kids line up to make their own candles

Yvonne demonstrates open fire cooking

Samira teaches Durham descendant to weave

Lois shows spinning wheel to Granddaughter

Louis creates his music with his ironwork

Mitchell demonstrates timber framing

Jerry shows how white oak baskets are made

Cindy shows how water is drained from paper

Tom demonstrates the paper-making screens

Cindy shows off dried Scull Shoals paper

Ellen shows artifacts from under an old house

Sammy sings the Blues

Chetter tells stories with his drum

Cynthia tells old tales with her gourd

Mamie fiddles while lunch is cooking

For more information on the history of the old mill village, see Gift Shop for a copy of Bob Skarda’s History of Scull Shoals, and Dr. Linsey Durham’s herbal remedies.
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